Tropical Desert!

Desert Plants

tropical desert facts!!!

1.It is the hottest place on earth!

2. you can go rock climbing

3.deserts cover about about one fifth of the earths surface!

4. They get less than 50cm. all year

5. The mammals are small like the kangaroo rat.

tropical desert animals!

Tropical Desert Animal Facts:

1. Some of the animals that live there are camels, spiders, snakes, centipedes, and kangaroo rats.

2. Most of the animals that live in the desert are animals that can go without water for a while.

3. Another animal that lives in the tropical desert is coyotes.

4. The animals that are also usually a sandy color.

5. The scientific name for desert animals is Xerocole.

  • Sophie Corkren's 5 facts
  • 1. The desert is a very hot place
  • 2. In the desert you should wear cool clothes so you wont be so hot.
  • 3. You will need protection to kill all of the dangerous species.
  • 4. There are lot's of dangerous species in the dessert.
  • 5. When you sleep you have to make sure that you are no where near any animals.

Bailey Loveless's 5 Facts

1. Lots of cacti are found in the desert.

2. Plants have special ways of getting there water.

3. A yucca plant in the desert makes soap materials.

4. Plants have many adaptations to help them survive.

5. We have a special plant found in American deserts called barrel cacti.

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