TACKK Creative Session

What is it?

TACKK is one of the many web based apps that allowed students and teachers to create websites without any prior knowledge of HTML programming.

It is operated by a set of simple icons that allow the user to create one continuous webpage. Think of it as a new medium for a potential project!

What you can add:

  1. Pictures
  2. Video
  3. Music
  4. Thinglinks, Animoto Videos, Etc.
  5. Locations
  6. General Text


- Students will be allowed to name, decorate, and personalize their webpage to their conditions. Students can also share their content with you with a simple hashtag. Ex: #Goulette1stPeriod

- Allows students to approach a unique project from an entirely different medium. Thus, changing their thought process and approach to the project as a whole.

- It's impossible for students to lose their work, since progress is saved after any change is made to their website.

- Allows the use of other webapps from just about any source.

- Eliminates the use of paper.

- Challenges students to actively create content and make them independent learners. Your focus is simply support and supervision.


- There is a minor crash course that students will have to go through to understand the basics, at bare minimum, a single day or more depending on how many resources and other apps you will be using.

- TACKK is not meant to be used by itself. You're best results will come from "APP Smashing" (the combination of using different apps together in unison).

- Bots. Weird... bots...

- Streaming is on by default, and unless students turn them off, just about anyone can make comments. (Cyber bully?)

Practical Uses

We could go on for hours of how you could use TACKK, but it would be pointless without actual tried examples. Here are a few that the English department and myself have used last year.

This first project was used in conjunction with one of my novels for English I Pre-AP.

The projects below were used by the English department to redesign our college project. In this case, we simply digitized our previous version with a TACKK version.

The TACKK below was used for our DNA camp to introduce Noodletools and the databases to our freshman students.

Mrs. Santoyo created this TACKK for staff developments on TACKK last year.


I cannot stress the importance of providing students with a model of a sample project. In most of the example above, a sample was always provided. Most students will end up emulating the overall design of your model, and once they are comfortable, they will end up branching off into their own creative style.

Here are a few student samples:

Don't be afraid to try new technology out. No matter how prepared you are, something will always come up, but do not let that discourage you. Often times the students, as well as yourself, will require help on the issue. Ironically, this is a problem-solving skill that has more merit than we give credit for.

Useful Apps to use with TACKK

Your Turn!

I offer this challenge to you. Take one assignment, project, or lesson, and explain how you will convert it to a digital medium using TACKK. Explain how it could benefit your overall project quality. Type your response in the stream below. Once complete, experiment with the website, and play with the tools that it offers.

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2 years ago

Using tackk I could change their weekly journal checks and have students present them through tackk. That way I don't have to check each journal post for each student.

2 years ago

I could use this as a daily bell ringer with discussion topics about the novel we are reading before we start group discussions.

2 years ago

Tackk could be used an an online workspace for their daily bell ringers as they come in the door.

2 years ago

Tackk may also be utilized for exit tickets

2 years ago

I definitely think I can use this in my video production class to build a unit on a variety of topics and have multiple assignments on a single Tackk. The students can update their Tackk as necessary and I can check for understanding!

2 years ago

Final Project FTW!

2 years ago
2 years ago

Great class. hopefully I will be able to get it going in class.

2 years ago

Tackk may be used for exit tickets, and for quizzes.

2 years ago

Awesome job!