What is Neptune?

Neptune is so large that about 60 Earths could fit inside of it.Neptune  is made out of gases.Neptune gets  more heat then it gets from the sun.Neptunes gravity can hold many moons they haved found 13 moons revolving him.Neptune have a large moon it is called Triton the moon was founded after 16 days ago after they found the planet.How far is Neptune from the sun?Neptune is about 2.8 billion miles.It takes the planet about 165 years to make the full orbit around the sun.Neptune is a stormy planet one storm was so big that it was about the size of the sun.in the 1800s astronomers noticed that the planet uranus did not orbit the sun and the planet uranus was cousing thise strange orbit they check where the planet would be.Gelle searched with a telescope but they only found a new planet.

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