Galapagos Island Vacation Advice

Are you planning on a Galapagos Island vacation for your friends this summer? Then it’s best to book months before your desired trip. Galapagos is ideal for just about everyone--from outdoorsy types to animal lovers to thrill seekers, or simply anyone who just wants to relax or have a good time. You will surely have an unforgettable experience. Here are a few tips to ensure a great Galapagos holiday:

  • Look for a good tour provider. Whether you want to take it slow or want to make the most of your time, a great tour provider can meet your needs. Try to find an agency that has been running for years. Newer ones might not yet be experienced in handling different situations, like emergencies.

    • Be with the sea. Galapagos has 19 islands. If you have to keeping going back to a hotel on one of the islands after each tour day, you can be wasting valuable time. Stay on a yacht so you can hit 2 birds with one stone—convenience and R&R right on the sea.

    • Honestly, the best thing to do is just to try everything. Ask your tour provider for a sample itinerary and Galapagos tours. Choose a schedule that allows you to visit at least one interesting island per day and do at least one activity, like hiking and snorkeling.

    • Ask for back-up. No matter how many times you check the weather report, if mother nature suddenly decides that it should rain today, then it’s going to rain. The tour provider must be able to offer alternatives or even a refund in case your entire trip is compromised. It also pays to check if the tour agency has cancellation policies as well as reservation and payment policies.

    • Insurance. A responsible travel agency will be able to hook you up with insurance for each Galapagos tour. This is needed for any type of trip for your safety.

    • Respect the islands. Don’t be one of those tourists who aren’t mindful of their trash. Never leave anything behind. It is also best to hire a travel agency that has environmentally sound boats.
  • For a truly wonderful time in Galapagos, you need to plan and work with a great travel agency. It also makes sense to be insured during your entire trip. Best of all, you should keep in mind why you are going on a Galapagos island vacation in the first place. Leave your worries behind and open yourself up to new experiences. Enjoy!

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