Pedagogical Outlook and Teaching Strategies

To Develop and Implement an Active, Engaged and
Student-centered Approach

  • Inspire deep, transformative learning processes.
  • Make use of all our senses by using images, texts, audio, video.

Harness the power of digital and web-based technologies in ways that turn them into valid professional skills for
both students and teachers.

  • Implement an effective, creative and secure integration of online and face-to-face learning strategies.
  • Be a model - ethically, legally, socially.
  • Use a scaffolding approach; introducing new elements step-by-step, and make sure students understand how  new tools help them reach their learning objectives.

Support community-based learning, for students and faculty alike.

  • Design learning activities that require communication, collaboration and presence
  • Be a learner yourself and try new things!
  • Learn collectively, in community with other higher ed teachers, share your ideas and experiences and learn from other professionals.