Looking forward to sharing some quick apps for documentation today. Pic collage is always a big winner. #peel21st

The Pedagogy of Listening

Quick Apps for Diving In

As we begin the journey of pedagogical documentation, capturing those moments of learning and conversation in the classroom, schoolyard and beyond there are many tools to get us started. Sometimes it is overwhelming to just dive in, but the below apps are quick tools to get immersed in the practice.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is a free app for both Android and iOS devices that quickly allows educators to capture images and text to compose a learning narrative. Since Pic Collage saves to the devices camera roll or gallery which means it can be posted for learning audits, shared via social media or posted to a classroom websites to name just a few.

Other Apps to Explore

Word Swag-The word swag app allows you to add a layer of text on backgrounds available in the app or use your own photograph. A great starting point to capture some of the conversations of learning in the classroom. To download the app click here.

Adobe Voice allows you to take images you have taken, search online with in the app as well as use icons from the noun project and add audio to compose your own learning story. A free app for the iPad at this time.  Click here to download.

Many educators have started to document their learning journeys on social media. Using tools like their professional blogs or storify they are able to create virtual documentation panels to engage with.

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