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Matthew Pitts and Peter Stout

Baby Bonnie

Bonnie's Traits

Bonnie's hair was a joint effort both me and Matthew had curly hair which is a homozygus dominant trait which means Bonnie has a 4 out of 4 chance of having curly hair.

This is the Pedigree for Bonnie's curly hair

For Bonnie's freckles Matthew was heterozygus for freckles. And I was homozygus recessive for no freckles. She has a two out of four (50%) chance of having freckles and a 2 out of 4 (50%) chance of not having

This is the Punnet square for Bonnie' freckles

This is the Punnet square for Bonnie's ears. Since me and Matthew both have free hanging ears. So we are Homozygus Dominant for that trait. Bonnie has a four out of four chance 100%.

This is Bonnie's ear trait

This is the trait for Bonnie's nose. Since Bonnie has


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