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The Power of Community

Our Story

Like every great journey, the start was simple and quiet. It was our first full day conference focused on 21st Century Teaching and Learning and we tried this #peel21st hashtag to keep track of the learning for the day. After it seemed silly to stop so we kept using the hashtag in hopes to connect passionate educators. It was a SLOW START. For more than a year it was just a handful of us sharing resources.

And then a few brave souls (@jrichea & @jimmyblackwood and a handful of others) joined the conversation through a resource. Slowly but surely more individuals joined the community but remained mainly a place to share resources.

Then came the wave. At our summer conference in '13, George Couros shared the power of connection and the benefits of Twitter. The number of twitter users seemed to explode on the spot. At the same time many educators at various levels of the system got on board with twitter which led to weekly recaps and monthly twitter chats and more informal interactions. At the same time to try to highlight all the great stuff out there we started collecting them in a weekly storify: A week in #peel21st Storify

As we continue on our journey we are always looking for new ways to try to extend, evolve and grow. Badging, photo challenges and finding new ways and tools for individuals to connect and share both online and face to face.

Social Media Cafe

What tool is your go to for creating community?

What tool will you add to your toolbox?

What is your story?

What connections will you focus on next?

Take Away

Go to futureme.org

Being a part of a collective is the goal #peel21st #WordSwagApp