Peer2Peer Writing & Publishing

TCEA 2014
Wednesday, February 5 • 8:00am - 9:30am

Session Description: When writing for peers instead of their teachers, student writing becomes relevant! Throw in some awesome digital tools, and student writing comes alive! Explore some innovative & transformative tools in this student-blogging, online-storyboarding, screenwriting, choice-making, collaborative co-writing, eBook-publishing, writing adventure!

Session Outline


Platforms for Publishing

Kidblog- walled-garden approach to student blogging with great teacher controls

Edmodo- worldwide social learning network with a "Facebook-like" feel

Collaborative Writing

Google Docs- the de facto standard in document collaboration

TitanPad- formerly"Etherpad," this site allows for collaborative real-time writing with text-only features, no accounts required, can be password protected

Activity Link:<group #> where group # is assigned in training.

Padlet- a collaborative "bulletin board" or wall where participants can place "sticky notes," can be password protected.

Alternate Forms of Writing

InkleWriter- choose your own adventure writing Sample Story

Google Docs Story Builder- animated Google Docs simulation Sample Story

PlotBot- write screenplays without worrying about the format
Sample Screenplay
Screenwriting Terms

Storyboard That- create comic-book like storyboards Sample Storyboards


Q & A


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