Stanford University

MASCOT: Cardinal

Campus History and Origin

On October 1, 1891, Stanford University opened its doors after six years of planning and building. Stanford University is a private research university in Stanford, University, and one of the worlds most prestigious institutions with top positions in the United States.

Leland Stanford, whom grew up and studied law in New York, moved West after the Gold Rush, and like many made his fortune near the railroads. He was a leader of the Republican Party, governor of California and later a U.S. senator. He and Jane had a son who died of typhoid fever when they were traveling in Italy. Leland Jr. was just 15. In weeks of his death, Stanford decided that, because they no longer could do anything for their child, "the children of California shall be our children". They quickly found a way to memorialize their beloved son.

The Stanford's appointed  Frederick Law Olmsted, the famed landscape architect whom created New York's Central Park, to design the plans for the university. The participation was contentious, but finally resulted in an organization of quadrangles on an east-west axis. Today, as Stanford continues to expand, the university‚Äôs architects attempt to respect those original university plans.

Fight Song

Admission Requirements

Admissions Data (2014-2015):

Percent of Applicants Admitted: 6%

Test Scores -- 25th/ 75th Percentile

SAT Critical Readings: 680 / 780

SAT Math: 700 / 790

SAT Writing: 690 / 190

ACT Composite: 31 / 34

ACT English: 32 / 35

ACT Math: 30 / 35

ACT Writing: 30 / 33

Tuition & Costs

Costs Per Year:

Undergraduate: $14,728

Graduate 11-18 units: $14,728

Graduate 8-10 units: $9,570

Graduate Engineering 11-18 units: $15,691

Graduate Engineering 8-10 units: $10,200

Graduate School of Business, first year MBA: $20,625

Graduate School of Business, second year MBA: $19,850

School of Medicine (M.D. Program): 1 $16,905

Stanford Law School: $17,450

Law/Business Joint Porgram: $18,277

Permit to Attend for Services Only (PSO): $4,455

Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR): $2,871

Medical School Research Rate: $3,380

Campus Life: Rose Bowl Game

The Rose Bowl Game is the largest pep rally and event in Pasadena, California. Fans from far and near catch Rose Bowl fever.With 39,000 tickets sold, the Cardinal rooting section at the Rose Bowl Game on New Year's Day in Pasadena will be the university's largest bowl game attendance.

"I'm extremely proud of our Stanford alumni and all members of the Stanford community for their willingness to travel and support our team," said David Shaw, Stanford's head football coach. "For years, the talk was that Stanford fans don't travel to bowl games. We have blown that out of the water."

In recent years, an increasing number of Stanford fans have followed its football teams to post-season bowl games: more than 4,000 at the 2009 Sun Bowl in Texas; more than 15,000 at the 2011 Orange Bowl in Florida; and more than 20,000 at the 2012 Fiesta Bowl in Arizona.

Degree Plan: Ph.D

Major Core: Chemistry

Concentration: Biology chemistry

Sample Courses: Special Topics in Organic Chemistry, Chemical Principles, Problem Solving in Science, Structure and Reactivity.

Career Description:

I want to be a Cardiothoracic surgeon which pertains to the heart and chest. Cardiothoracic surgery is surgery in the area of the heart and chest or both. A cardiothoracic surgeon is qualified to operate on the heart, areas of the chest and in some cases, the lungs.


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