Motivate Students with Audio and Video

Explore free user friendly tools that integrate with Office 365 to record your own video or audio files.  Learn how to customize online content to maximize instruction and save preparation time.  This is great for blended and personalized learning, providing feedback, and increasing student motivation.

TLW evaluate a variety of instructional audio and video resources
TLW brainstorm ways the highlighted resources can be used in the classroom

Success Criteria:
I can record audio with Snip
I can access and post to the Seesaw classroom
I can list uses for Seesaw and Snip in my classroom


1. Download Office Mix Snip on your Desktop PC
2. Download the SeeSaw app onto your phone or tablet, or open an internet tab and go to

Task One: Join the Seesaw class

Join the Seesaw classroom using the provided code.  

Pro tip: Do NOT use your work email account to join as a student.  This might make it difficult for you to create your own classroom with seesaw.

Task Two: Recording Audio with Office Mix Snip

1. Read the following article:

2. Use Snip to select an area of the article that you liked, and record your reflections.  Include in your recording 1 practical use you see for audio in your classroom.
3. Turn your video in via your seesaw portfolio.
4. You can also use Microsoft Forms to turn in a Snip assignment.

Another use for Snip:

Another use for Seesaw:

Task Three: Using Padlet, share one speicific way you can use Seesaw and one way you can use Snip in your classroom.  Please mention what you teach so that others can benefit from your idea(s).

YouTube Options

1.  ViewPure: Cut out advertising and previews
(Example video)
("Pure"ified video)
2. Tubechop: Trim a youtube video
Use the video from above and chop it to 1:14
2. Playposit: Add questions to youtube videos
  (playposit example)

With any time left in the session, you can set up your seesaw class(es), develop a Microsoft Snip lesson, or create a Microsoft Form turn-in form.  I will be here to assist you.