By: morgyn

The Missouri river is an amazing site to see in  St.Josephs, from the rushing  water to the amazing creachers  and  sunsets  you could sit and fish or go canoeing down the river.  The Missouri  runs  threw  St. Joseph,St.louis  and Kansan city Missouri.

The Pony  express  is the  first  way our mail got from place to place but on pony back!   Did you know  the  creaters of the pony express , William H.Russel, William B. Waddell  and Alexander Majors,traveld for days and night just to deliver mail!

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The Platte river  is a wonderful place to sit and  watch the sun set. The Platte river is a big physical in  St. Joseph  there are two main rivers in St. Joseph,the Missouri river and the Platte river     

The creators  of the pony express  

Do you know the three creators of the Pony express?The three creators are Alexander Majors,William H.Russell and William B.Waddell. Alexander William B and William H are historical people in St.Joseph  they even have a museum about the Pony express  and how it was created  

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