Torres de Hercules

THe Tower of Hercules

The Torres de Hercules is located in Cadiz, Spain near Morocco. It is made of two cylinders connected by glass bridges.

The structure was built by Rafael de La-Hoz Castany and are now used as office buildings. They are twenty stories high and are the tallest buildings in Andalusia, a region in Southern Spain. The building's construction began in 2006 and was completed in October 2009.

There are 264.2 gallons in a cubic meter. Therefore the Torres de Hercules' volume is the same as 16,691,310.6 gallons (buildings' volume times 264.2).

By finding the surface area of the cylinders, minus the bases, I know that 12,635 square meters (6317.68 times 2) of material were used in making the outside design on the building.

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