The Crusades: Perspectives of the Europeans

Bianca Maya, World History, M7

1. Why was Jerusalem important to the Europe?

Answer: Jerusalem was important to the Europeans for the reason of Jesus the son of god, was born there, also the place where he preached and since the Europeans were Christians, they wanted to claim their religion home-land. The other benefits that came with over Jerusalem was winning over that river, and the orchards in Jerusalem.

2. The reason for the crusades based on the Europeans point of view?

Answer: The reason for the Crusades on a Europeans perspective is to carry the possibility and the hope of winning land and wealth. Also, some were Crusades because they are eager for adventure and to depart from concerns at home.

3. The effects of the crusades on the Europeans.

Answer: The Crusades effected Europeans because at about 1000 A.D, Europe was at what is now known as their darkest age. Europe was trying to get expansion, but they were still recovering from the dark age and the Crusades helped the Europeans to come out of that age.

4. Europeans perspectives of other groups.

Answer: The Europeans perspectives on the other groups...

Muslims:The Europeans thought of the Muslims as no real threat or no competition. I stated that because when the Frank's fought them they stayed ruling in Spain rather than entering and expanding into Western Europe.

Jews: Europeans don't really care for the Jews because they are unbelievers. They were unbelievers in the sense of not believing in Jesus Christ, they only believed in one God.

Byzantines: At first the Europeans thought of the Byzantine as low people and rivals to them. Later after the Selkjuk Turks took over their land in Asia by 1071 they were looking to become allies with them. The way they purposed it was, they asked for the Christian knights to fight with the against the Selkjuk Turks in 1095.  

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