We are gonna close off with the Irinch flag!


Irinch is my culture. It is a mix of Irish and French. That is because I am part Irish and I love the French culture. Not many people know about the Irinch culture, so I decided to inform you about it. It was also an assignment, so I had to. Please enjoy!


Irinch clothing is very simple and easy to spot out. There are lots of cool patterns and fabrics. It is a mix of French and Irish clothing. French clothing has a lot of different styles since France is one of the fashion capitals. One trend that is known today to a lot of people is from France. This is wearing leggings or tights under your shorts. This is very popular in France. Traditional Irish clothing are kilts and green. Nowadays, Irish people still use the color green in clothes a lot, but is much more modern. There are lots of sweaters and caps.

Paris is not only the capital of France, but also on of the capitals of FASHION! Here are some signature clothes from Paris, France.
Traditional Irish clothing is usually green. Irish clothing involves lots pattern and caps. (A cap is the grey hat the boy is wearing)
The modern everyday Irinch clothing is something along these lines. Sweaters, jean, skirts, boots, and hair accesesories such as hats.


Food is very important to not just the Irinch culture, but also to me! I love food and it is amazing so of course Irinchians (the Irinch people) have their own foods! France is known for pastries and Ireland is known for foods like sausages and potatoes. So, just for you, I made a traditional Irinch meal.

To start we have a traditional French Ni├žoise Salad that consists of tuna, green, and olives. There are potatoes added in for Irish taste.
To go with the salad is a chunky Irish potato soup with a French baguette on the side to dip into the indulgent soup bowl of happiness.
For the main course is corned beef. This dish is all Irish but with French seasonings on it.
To go with the corned beef are some Irish French fires, a delicacy, if you will, in the Irinch culture.
After my meal, I like to relax with friends on the couch and watch some Netflix while indulging in these green Irish cream puffs.

Irinch day

Of course we have a holiday like every other culture/country etc. Ours is called Irinch day! Irinch day is in the summer right around the traditional French holiday, Bastille day. Here's the thing, Irinch day, is actually all weekend! It is the third weekend of July so the dates change every year.

The festivities start Friday night with a giant dance. A lot of people get engaged/ have their first date/kiss here. It is so special
On Saturday everyone wakes up and has a giant brunch with their friends and family. The brunch always serves Irish crepes! Yum!!!
During the day Saturday, there is a huge carnival with rides, games, contests, and much more! There is even a reenactment of teh day Irinch
During the carnival there is a reenactment of the day Irinch became a culture. It happened in the 1800s after a
Saturday night there is a firework show. The fireworks maily display the Irinch colors, blue, red, green, and orange

Time Era

The time Era of in which Irinch culture was created was called The Secret Age. This was because not many people knew about this culture while it was being created. The French and irish were in a sort of war that wasn't fought out in violence. It was more of cold tension. The two leaders during the time decided that it was dreadful for their people since they used to be such good friends with other people in both countries so they formed a secret culture called Irinch to break the feud. No one really knows why they decided to keep the culture a secret but they did.

Sunday is a day of relaxation. Everyone relaxes at home or goes to a picnic or something fun and chill like that

That Was The Irinch Culture!

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