Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a writing style that combines science and fiction. Even if science fiction isn't your favorite genre, you will like it as soon as you start, so why not, just take the chance?

Elements of Science Fiction

If you think there is nothing you like about science fiction, I would like you to take a look at the elements of it:

1. Time or space

2. Possibility of the event occurring

3. It has an effect on humans.

4. Advanced technology

Now ask yourself, do you like any of these?

More elements of science fiction

1. It is grounded in science

2. It has realistic and fantastic details.

3. Usually set in the future.

4. It has unknown inventions

5. Makes a serious comment about the world

6. Often contains a warning for human-kind.

Now, you can't get any book better than science fiction with these elements, can you?

Science Fiction Characters

They are the same characters and have the same roles in any story, including science fiction, the protagonist is the hero, the antagonist is the villain and as any story, the characters may not be a being, but a force. If you like other stories because they have heroes and villains, you will like science fiction's variety as well.

Science Fiction Settings

Science fiction has many different settings, for example:

1. Another Planet

2. Under the oceans

3. In another dimension of existence

4. Maybe utopia or dystopia

5. Or maybe the future

So, are you persuaded enough?