People Who Are Too Stupid for Their Own Good

1. People who want to #bringourgirlshome from Niagara Falls:

2. The 12,000 people who like “Konfu Panda”:

3. Anyone who saw The Parent Trap and wondered what happened to Lindsay Lohan’s British twin:

4. Anyone who doesn’t capitalize their status updates properly:

5. ~*Kimber*~

6. Millennials:

7. People who forget the reason for the season:

8. This guy (and his mom):

9. People who post one-time-use codes on Twitter:

10. This guy’s boss:

11. These five people:

12. People who don’t know how tents works:

13. Generation Y:

14. This kid, and her mom:

15. People who don’t understand day and night cycles:

16. And these 17 people:

17. Whoever makes Game of War - Fire Age:

18. People who post this image on Instagram:

19. This guy, who apparently doesn’t understand Roman numerals AND thinks “vagina” is spelled with an “f”:

20. This confounded couch potato:

21. Gymnasts visiting Holocaust memorials:

22. And historic fountains:

23. One Direction fans:

24. Anyone who thinks elevators are stupid for having a button for the floor they’re on:

25. Whoever is in charge of deciding what is and what is not breaking news:

26. And anyone who fell for this: