New Features in Hopscotch

New Feature #1 Last Touch: Check out this awesome new feature. Use the "Last Touched" value to draw, drag, swipe, and do loads of other stuff. New update comes out April 2nd, 2015.

New Feature #2 If ELSE STATEMENTS..Make your programs more sophisticated with the new "If // Else" block. Sounds simple, but now your program can make a choice and do one thing if the condition is true OR something totally different if it's false. At the same time. #mindblown

New Feature #3 Math Calculations: We added some super fancy math to Hopscotch. Now you can play with Square Root, Exponents, Sine and Cosine functions to make your projects fancy pants.

New Feature #4: Sounds! Check out our newest feature: SOUNDS! Now you can make music and add all kinds of noises to your projects! Update comes out April 2nd, 2015

How-to Tutorials

3D Sharing Learn how to draw 3D shaded objects in Hopscotch!

Make Pixel Art - (Set Values and Abilities)
Learn how to make Pixel Art! Once you know the rules you can make pixel drawings of all your favorite characters!

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