Performance - Across the Product Range- software for pharma

Indian pharma market is market of generics, though more and more companies have started looking at R&D, but most companies are dependent on sale of generics in Indian and overseas market. Generic drugs are important part of Indian health care system – they make drugs available to the masses. Many life saving drugs would not be affordable by most people in India if they are purchased at their original cost. Competition for generics is huge in India with many companies producing the similar generic drugs. With product not being a differentiator pharma companies are using sales and market outreach to stand out against competitors. A few challenges faced by pharma companies focused on sales and distribution:

1. At times Medical Representative has lack of complete knowledge about the effects, results, cost, ingredient, dosages, etc. Sometimes MR is unable to judge correct doctors for detailing and sampling. This can lead to wasted effort on the part of MR and will not be of any help to the company.

2. Unsystematic Sample Distribution: For example a pediatric drug/drop/suspension should be detailed to pediatricians and neonatologists, but there are instances where MR detailed or gave samples to other doctors/specialists. Incorrect sample distribution may not result in the gains company might be expecting.

3. Improper Schedule Planning: Sometimes MR does not visit the correct doctor because of unawareness about the area. An MR should study about the area and plans accordingly, e.g. a residential colony in the assigned area has 20 doctors out of which 10 are general physicians, 2 surgeons, 1 gynecologist, 2 ENT, 1 gastrologist, 1 neonatologist, and 3 physiotherapists. In this scenario, a pain reliever can be detailed to nearly all doctors, but an ophthalmic product detailing to all will be of no use.

Solutions: Following points may be the key to improve the process:

. Focus Product Mapping: The products should be mapped with doctors. This will ensure that all Potential Products are mapped with relevant doctors as planned. Reports like focus product wise doctor visit reports or focus product wise doctor visit priority wise reports can help companies in analysis of actual data for all its products individually.

2. Sample Distribution should be tracked: Samples allotted for each product should be distributed to relevant doctors and the same should be tracked. Analysis of Sample Utilization across product and users can give management information about the products whether they sampled to right doctors or not.

3. Detailing should be tracked: Headquarter wise analysis for doctor visit and products detailed to those doctors should be done. This can give records of a particular MR or headquarter wise details of an area which will give insight into field reality.

Pharma companies need to have a clear plan which should be well communicated to the Medical Representatives on the field should be aligned with companies policy and focus. This needs to reinforce using multiple communications, training sessions and should also be covered in discussions with management. Once Medical Representatives start following the system - company management needs to monitor field activities – doctor visit, sampling, and detailing data to find out variations, if any and then follow corrective actions.