The Persian Empire

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Map and Description

This shows the extent of the Persian Empire. It goes from Egypt through Israel  to the borders of Greece and India.


Daily Life

In Persia, you in the everyday life, you were considered part of the royal family or a peasant.

People were Pagan, a Zoroastrian or Muslim.

If a person was part of the "Royals" they had many privileges (servants) and traveled a lot.

Ordinary Citizens

... but some jobs were gender restricted.

Women got the jobs that required  responsibility.

Important People



Shame on you, Cambyses! Your father would never do that!


Darius spent the first three years of his reign putting down revolts.

Darius kept extending the empire.

...but he could never conquer Greece.




This religion is based on the philosophy of Zoroaster. This religion was found some time before the 6th century B.C.E.


The empire was divided into twenty provinces or satrapies. Each province was governed by a satrap.  Roads connected the provinces. Citizens could practice their own religions without problems from the government. This government believed in equality.

The provinces were free to function as they did before they were conquered, however, they had to show respect to the major government which was the Persians.

The law was above the ruler (emperor). If the emperor made a law he could not take it back, or bend the rules even though he was the ruler.

There was roads that connected all the important cities which made it easy for them to govern.

The Persian government was the first to govern over many racial groups.Everyone had equal rights. They were allowed to do what they wished including practicing their own religion. If they paid their taxes, and were peaceful they wouldn't get any problems from the government.

More on Daily Life

family and the clan

Parents treated their children as slaves. Clans were made up of several families. Several clans made up a tribe. Marriage was only between families from the same clan.


  • Priests
  • Craftsman
  • Soldiers
  • Slavery



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