Blue Ridge Mountains

          The scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a must see sight. The view all in itself is a remarkable experience even without the feel of the temperate climate, mild weather, and the breeze. With spacious skies, deep blue mountains, and lush green forests, the Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the most beautiful places in Georgia. The climate is mild temperate which is a great climate year round to live in.

Golden History

          Did you know that the first gold rush in American history occurred here in 1828? Dahlonega, Georgia is a popular attraction in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mining for gold is a popular thing here. In addition, the tallest point in Georgia, Brasstown Bald, is located here. At a height of 4,784 feet, hiking and skiing are fun activities offered in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Business Opportunities

          With many active cities, the Blue Ridge Mountain region has many opportunities  for successful businesses. Lumber is easily accessed with the plentiful amount of forest. The forests are deciduous and grow with the plentiful amount of rain. In addition, the amount of people who visit and live here offers an opportunity for successful hotels, restaurants, souvenir stops, etc. Overall, the Blue Ridge Mountain Region is the place to be!

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