Corrupt Politicians during the 1920's.

By, Samuel Schatz.

In this photo the committee on Elections are discussing if the votes are rigged.

What Motivated them to do these illegal acts?

Their was a lot reason corruption was a big part of 1920's politics many politicians of bribed people to vote for them. Not only did they offer money or good to bribe the citizens they also bribed them with a discount on protection with their gangs which wasn't really a discount they just said it to get the votes. One of the major contributors to this was Tamny Hall.

It was not uncommon for politicians to engage in these acts, politicians not only hid it but they did it. In this era when prohibition was in full effect they profited of the illegal substances they funded. Also many politicians where involved in the mob which wasn't good. In many instances the politicians paid of the cops to release the gang members so the politicians could continue to profit of illegal acts and other peoples despair. This is not he only type of corruption that happened during the 1920's politicians also rigged votes for the or their allies, they also bribed people with food and alcohol to vote for them.

Tammany Hall was a group of politicians who went out on the streets to get people votes and to get their friends in the gang world to get their money and so that the politicians can lobby for bills that help protect them, which happened a lot in Tammany Hall so that politicians can make their money. This is one of the many instances where this happened. Not only where they corrupt but they also laundered money which was semi-common in this era of gangster or politicians would open a cover business int he day and and launderer in the night. So they could evade doing taxes. But they also covered up a lot of crimes that happened in the 1920's like money laundering the illegal drug and alcohol market to make sure they don't go to jail and people get their goods so people don't kill the politicians.

How we stopped it.

After prohibition ended their was not much to smuggle so they slowly disappeared, but they are not completely gone they are still around today their is corruption all over the world you have to know where to look. But their is not much we can do about it we report it the "look into it" but nothing happens it is not as much as a problem in the 20's as it is know but is still is a slightly small problem every body has to deal with it is just a fact of life when you live in places that are so secretive about everything, but it is a fact of life. But facts change.