Peter Maatouk Has A Reputation For Providing Sound Legal Assistance

Based in Sydney, Peter Maatouk is a well-known lawyer. His passion and commitment to representing those who need assistance with their legal matters is one of the major reasons why he is the premier choice of numerous people in the region. His huge client base includes local residents as well as corporate entities looking for reliable representation for their legal issues pertaining to Debt Recovery, Disputed Estates, Family Law, Building Law, Consumer Credit Law, Conveyancing, Criminal Law, Insurance Law, Litigation, Divorce Law, Wills and Estates, etc.

Peter Maatouk owns a law firm in Sydney by the name – Maatouks Law Group. He has a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced legal professionals working under him. Besides providing realistic solutions to his clients, he treats them with utmost respect and courtesy. Also, he employs sophisticated computerized technology to ensure strict compliance with internet and privacy laws.

Over the years, Peter Maatouk has established a reputation for himself as a hard nosed attorney, who likes challenges and makes the most of every opportunity to ensure a favorable outcome for his clients. His legal competency can be evaluated from the very fact that he has won many verdicts in court and also obtained a number of settlements for his clients. Despite being one of the top attorneys in Sydney, he does not charge an exorbitant fee for his legal services. In fact, his fee is more reasonable in comparison to what most other attorneys in the region charge. Peter believes in transparent dealing and does not have any hidden charges. He provides his clients with a clear estimate of the fee before acting upon their instructions.

Peter Maatouk offers free initial consultation, during which he patiently listens to the clients' concerns and tells how he and his team can help them deal with the situation. Apart from Maatouks Law Group, he owns three more companies, namely – Maatouks Home Loans, Maatouks-Online Divorce, & Maatouks Realty. In spite of having an array of operations to oversee in all his companies, Peter makes sure that his obligation towards the society does not take a back seat. He actively supports many social causes and also contributes to a number of charities. For the past many years, he has been involved with charities like – Women’s refuge centres, The Spastic Centre, Immigration centres, and Local school.

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