Peter Bogolub

Peter Bogolub - From the Classroom to the Recording Studio

Based in New York, Peter Bogolub is an educator and musician who has been teaching for nearly 15 years. His teaching background spans a variety of subjects such as government, history, English, and economics, but he has primarily taught history. Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in secondary education, Mr. Bogolub attended CUNY City College in Harlem, where he earned an MA in secondary education with a concentration in history. Peter Bogolub has also taught music recording at Urban Assembly School of Music and Arts in Brooklyn.

While he focuses primarily on his teaching career, Peter Bogolub also records and performs music with his band, The Sems. The Sems have a lo-fi, shoegaze sound with swirling guitar riffs and vocals evocative of the music of The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. Drift, the band's first album, was recorded in 2003 through Audraglint Records. The Sems' follow-up album, Any Day Ago, debuted in 2006, for which Peter Bogolub wrote and recorded most of the music himself.