Peter Bucchieri

President of Tax-focused Independent Consulting, LLC

About Peter Bucchieri

Based in Las Vegas since 1993, Peter Bucchieri has guided Independent Consulting, LLC, as principal for more than three decades. He offers clients a comprehensive understanding of an increasingly complex tax and financial planning landscape. Peter Bucchieri serves the needs of a diverse clientele ranging from individuals of high net worth to trusts and corporations. In one corporate case, he discovered that his client’s previous accountant has neglected to file tax returns for the company over a five-year period. His consultancy services were vital to bringing the firm into compliance with applicable tax laws.

Mr. Bucchieri established his firm in Massachusetts, and over 15 years, grew Independent Consulting into the state’s sixth largest provider of tax planning services. He moved to Las Vegas to take advantage of Nevada’s thriving gaming industry and gained a reputation as one of the state’s preeminent gaming securities analysts. Featured widely in the media and on public speaking circuits, Peter Bucchieri leverages his experience to help his clients achieve their financial goals, from higher returns on investment to more efficient business operations.

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