Peter Ceko

Chicago Investment Manager and Entrepreneur Peter Ceko

About Peter Ceko

A veteran investment manager, Chicago executive Peter Ceko leads Calatrava Capital Management as its founder and managing partner. In this capacity, he has raised more than $250 million for a major commodity fund and large amounts of capital for a number of hedge funds. Since 2007, Peter Ceko has also guided the utility infrastructure company Duratel as founder and CEO. Undertaking intensive R&D, he and his team have created designs for fiber-reinforced utility pole that utilize pultrusion technologies and reinforced polymer materials. With a patented form and design, these durable poles reduce corrosion and decay, while meeting the highest safety standards.

Mr. Ceko completed his bachelor’s degree in economics at Harvard University, where he played football throughout his undergraduate years. For more than a decade, he served as a senior vice president with the institutional derivatives provider Fimat USA. Directing a dedicated sales team, he built long-term relationships with important clients.

Peter Ceko enjoys travel in his free time. In particular, he likes exploring the wines and cuisines of different European regions.

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