Peter Chrisanthopoulos

Peter Chrisanthopoulos - Guiding National Marketing with Katz TV Group

Based in New York, Peter Chrisanthopoulos serves as senior vice president and director of integrated media, national marketing, with Katz Television Group (part of Katz Media Group, a subsidiary of iHeartMedia, Inc.). He began his career working at advertising agencies and subsequently held various positions with RJR Nabisco, Inc., from 1984 to 1990. Peter Chrisanthopoulos played an integral role in the launch of RJR Nabisco Broadcast and served as the president and COO of the in-house media division. Throughout the early 1990s, he functioned as the CEO of the Network Television Association, which was formed by the big three television networks in order to market the value of network television to advertisers and advertising agencies.

More recently, Peter Chrisanthopoulos joined the ABC Television Network Group, where he guided research, marketing, and promotion activities as an executive vice president. He subsequently served as president, National Broadcast & Programming and Office of the President at WPP Group’s Mindshare in 2000 and as president and COO Pappas Telecasting Companies in 2003. At the latter organization, Peter Chrisanthopoulos had full operational oversight of a company spanning 15 English language network-affiliated television stations and four Spanish language stations.