Peter Fardig

A CEO in Education Technology

About Peter Fardig

An education entrepreneur, Peter Fardig established ThinK-12 Learning, LLC, in Carlisle, Massachusetts. The company develops curricula and technologies that work together to improve student achievement by making the learning experience more relevant to problems young people might face in the real world. As CEO of the company, Peter Fardig has helped design project-based units that follow Next Generation Science and Common Core Standards. Complementing his role in business, Mr. Fardig is currently studying toward his MBA at Northeastern University in Boston.

Before founding ThinK-12 Learning, Peter Fardig gained hands-on administrative experience as assistant principal and grade-level administrator with Ephraim Curtis Middle School in Sudbury, Massachusetts. While there, he oversaw special-education programming, evaluated staff members, and aided the school in enhancing its English, math, and science performance. Prior to becoming assistant principal, Mr. Fardig supported Sudbury Public Schools as science curriculum coordinator.

In terms of professional organizations, Mr. Fardig belongs to the National Education Association as well as the Massachusetts Teachers Union.

Peter Färdig is currently seeking opportunities to serve in an advisory capacity as a board member.