Peter Filardi

Day 1

Today me and my sister  made a lego house. It was are best shot at a representation of are house. We decided to make are house because we wanted to show it and its details. if I could redo it what I would change is to build it on a bigger scale so I could show more details like the patio in the back or the street in the front. this project took pretty much the entire time because we tried to fit in every detail we could. Some of the challenge  in this project was the porch in the back but we improvised. another challenge was having enough legos to finish the house.         

Day 2

Today we remixed chess pawns. I made mine have a base made of 3 cycles with a cylinder on top then, I made the rest of the pawn on top of of that as you see below. I started to make another pawn but ran out of time.We talked for about an hour about how to use some of the websites we were working on.

Day 3

Today we made famous structures I picked the pantheon it was complicated but with some help I came through. Now Im working on an elephant I've finished the body and the legs and Im working on the ears I'll include a picture below.       

Day 4

today we made theme  parks. ours was batman themed I made the roller coster it turned out ok but it wasn't very fun to make.The hardest part was focusing on my work because the people around me were being distracting.I did a lot of copying and pasting and angling the blocks to shape them the way I wanted them to be.Today I also printed my chess pawn it's a little small but what are you going to do?   

Day 5

Today we pared up with someone and built there idea in ether clay or legos. I built Ella's design of a house he wasn't sure how she wanted it so I based it off of Doctor Who's Tardas. She built my idea, devil panda's out of clay and it looked really cool.The hardest part was getting it to stay together.After that we built them in tinker cad (pictured below). The hardest part of that was downloading the claws from thingiverse.      


Today I finished my devil panda's in tinker cad. The hardest part was editing the head because I had to make a lot of changes to make it able to print right.I also had to shrink the panda's to fit them in the space we had. One of the other things I did is make the bamboo on a platform that I printed separately from the panda's.I also added to the setting with a stream wrapping around part of the panda's.

Day 7

Today we built in tinkercad. I worked with caylan to make a castle. I worked on the outside and she worked on the inside building the tables,lamps,etc...I also did some editing on my panda's because they were not printing right.I printed the bamboo on the background but they were to thin so I reprinted them thicker.  

Tower for castle

Day 8

Today I was told my panda's couldn't print so I had to download from thingiverse and add some horns and spikes. The looked okay but it wasn't really my work. Then I went on minecraft and built a house with caelyn. Tomorrow is the last day and i'm not sure if i'm going to be doing a tackk.  

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3 years ago

The base of your chess pawn was really cool, I've never seen anything like it. Looking forward to seeing the whole chess set!!!