Peter Lord of Canbet
Building Character Through Rugby

Peter Lord of Canbet has considerable knowledge of, and expertise in, the sport of rugby, and has found an excellent venue for which to convey both his experiences and what he knows of the sport to those in need of guidance. A junior rugby league coach in the Wollongong area for years, Lord now enjoys the opportunity to share his wisdom of the sport, his insight into effective play, and the necessity of teamwork and good sportsmanship during every rugby match.

Having studied education at the University of Wollongong, Peter Lord of Canbet understands how best to teach his young team the skills and lessons needed to be successful. Lord knows what it takes to effectively convey and impart new lessons to his players, and to create an environment that allows room for his team to both learn and to obtain the most enjoyment possible from the game.

An experienced business professional and leader, Peter Lord of Canbet understands how to bring out an individual’s strengths while also providing them the opportunity to both understand and work on improving their weaknesses. Much of the same instruction and support he provides his players in the locker room is derived from his experience in the board room, which has given him unique and powerful insight into what it takes to bring out people’s full potential, and to provide them the tools they need to complete objectives and meet challenges without fail.

Peter Lord works to build character in his young players, and to use rugby as a tool for developing successful, well-adjusted adults who are prepared to meet and overcome life’s challenges in the future.

Peter Lord of Canbet - Making his Community Better

For Peter Lord of Canbet, it isn’t enough just to be a considerable business success. For Peter, the most satisfaction comes from lending a hand and making contributions to the local community, which allow him not only to make a positive impact on the Wollongong and New South Wales regions, but to also provide young people the support, insight and mentorship they need to transition into successful adulthood.

Peter Lord of Canbet has proven himself to be a powerful ally and partner to numerous professional organizations, companies and colleagues throughout his career, having provided loyal service to the industry-leading Australian Private Equity Firm Crescent Capital Partners, as well as multiple international companies throughout the world. A graduate of the University of Wollongong, Lord has shown his commitment to numerous firms and clients throughout his successful career, though his real pride and joy is maintaining his commitment to the local community, providing such organizations a local junior rugby league and a volunteer life saver organization the support and contributions they need to survive.

Peter Lord of Canbet doesn’t shy away from the challenge of helping the community, nor does he fear sacrificing of himself to make a difference for those in the most need.

Peter Lord Canbet is devoted to his family, and to his role as the owner of a numerous performance and race horses. A loving parent, skilled business professional and community volunteer, Lord provides the help and support people need to not only survive, but also to thrive throughout the course of their lives.