Peter Pan and Wendy

Hero's Journey


Call to Adventure:

Peter Pan loses his shadow when he is seen by Mrs. Darling. He then later returns a night later to reattach to his shadow when he wakes Wendy Darling. Wendy helps him reattach to his shadow and he soon realizes she knows many bed time stories and asks her to come be a mother to him and the lost boys in Neverland.

Crossing of the Threshold:

When Peter helps Wendy and her younger brothers fly to Neverland through fairy dust.

Supernatural Aid:

Peter Pan has the ability to fly the kids over with fairy dust.

Belly of the Whale:

The children are hit by a cannon while flying that is fired by the one of the lost boys when they first cross the threshold. As a result Wendy almost is killed but luckily lives through the incident.


Road of Trials:

1.Peter Pan must save Princess Tiger Lily from the pirates and Captain Hook

2.The mermaids try to drown Wendy but peter saves her and he almost drowns.

3. He must also save Tinker Bell when she drinks the poison that Hook had intended for Peter to drink.

Allies: Wendy, John, Michael, The Lost Boys, and The Indians.

Enemies: Captain Hook, mermaids, and pirates.

Temptress, Goddess, or Atonement with Father:

There is none.

Supreme Ordeal:

When Wendy decides to take herself and her brothers back home to England, without telling Peter, Hook kidnaps them all, including all the lost boys, and uses them as bait for Peter. When Tinkerbell tells Peter He races to go save Wendy and the Lost Boys. He boards Hook's ship secretly disguising himself as a ticking crocodile and as Hook and the Pirates search for the ticking he is producing he sneaks into the cabin on the ship and frees the Lost Boys. When the pirates go to investigate the cabin for the ticking noise they find Peter but he easily defeats them all. He then goes out and reveals himself to Hook and they ascend into a climatic battle which Peter easily wins yet again but kicking Hook off the ship into the real ticking crocodiles mouth. Hook is killed by this and Peter then takes him ship with The Lost Boys and Wendy on it back to England.

Ultimate Boom:

He brings home Wendy and The Lost Boys. Yes. Peter Pan no longer wants a mom and states that clearly when Mary Darling offers to adopt not only all The Lost Boys but also him and he refuses.

The Return


There is none.

Magic Flight:

Peter doesn't have that hard of a time returning Wendy back to England and Wendy doesn't really do anything to help herself get home.

Rescue From Without:

I suppose because he uses The Lost Boys to defeat all the pirates on the ship.

Crossing Return Threshold:

He drives Hook's ship all the way back to England with all The Lost Boys and Wendy on it. Her brothers are also on the ship but they are now considered Lost Boys.

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