Peter Sklar

Many Paths to Success in the Performing Arts

Peter Sklar

A well known talent scout and expert on young performers, Peter Sklar has more than 30 years of experience discovering, advising, and working behind the scenes with young people in the performing arts industry. Having completed a master’s degree in education focused on adolescent development and counseling at Harvard University, Peter Sklar spent his early career working as a piano accompanist and coach for aspiring young Broadway performers in New York City.

The best-known of Peter Sklar’s initiatives is the Beginnings Workshop, a week-long performing arts industry training intensive he founded in 1984 and which now runs multiple times a year in several U.S. and U.K. cities. An offshoot of the workshop’s activities is Sklar’s publication Winning Monologues From the Beginnings Workshop, which is used as a resource by casting directors and talent agencies and is a standard theater department text in high schools and colleges. In addition, Sklar recently made his Broadway producing debut with The Kid Who Played the Palace, an original musical he developed over a period of several years.

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