Peter Swan - Garden Tools

Peter Swan is a master of landscape architecture. In his decades of experience working in the dirt, he has not only grown a deep knowledge for the types of soil, mulch, plants and features that being in certain settings; but he has also developed a parallel enthusiasm for his craft that has only grown with every new thing .Peter Swan has learned. But with all of this comes a foundation of a few simple tools; ones that he feels could be used to change the world if necessary. But for now, he’ll stick with the landscapes and explain their basic functions as well as the true purpose of their existence.


Hoes look like shovels, except the art where the spade would be is replaced with a multi-pronged claw like hand that helps break and loosen soil for tilling. Hoes can come in many sizes; some prefer the handheld type while others will go for the heavy duty shovel-size hoe.


Scissors may not seem as a likely garden tool; however anyone who works with living plants knows how beneficial the can be. Scissors can help not only trim plants and pick from them when appropriate, but they can also help protect hands from things such as thorned branches that can be cut down rather than sifted through with hands.


Last but not least, the shovel is perhaps the most widely used as well as the most symbolic garden too. When you have a shovel in your hands, it means that you plan to dig into something, which is dirt more times than not.

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