Juan Gris

The Spanish artist

This is one of many pictures that were made by Juan Gris. It was made with a canvas of oil and charcoal. It is supposed to be a breakfast table with a news paper on it as you can probably see in green.

Juan Gris originally named Jose Victoriono Gonzelez was born March 23 1887 which is one day after me but a different year. He studied art at the Madrid school of arts and manufactures by himself. He went to Paris to make art he made art with Pablo Picasso. He died on May 11 1927 He was exactly 40.

This picture is made with plain crayon with a regular canvas it is called "sunburn" it is made by Juan Gris.

Cubism is a example of art formed into one from different points of view. I think this form of art is cool and confusing at the same time. It may look weird but you still see the art in side of his mind that he is trying to lay out.

Bottle and fishes By:George Braque
Harbor in Normandy By George Braque
Pablo Picasso By: Juan Gris

This is Juan Gris's painting of Pablo it has a oil type canvas.

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