What strategies were used to survive concentration camps?

Surviving the concentration camps was very difficult. Surviving mainly depended on people's ability to adapt to the living conditions of the camps. If you were too weak, you would not last long in the camps. Surviving also depended on your social status. Often, people of the higher social status were given the more desirable work assignments like, administrative positions indoors, and some even had the power of life or death over other prisoners.  People lower on the social ladder were given jobs such as, factory work, mining, and construction. If you were lucky, some Germans would disguise prisoners as workers to keep them alive.

The strategies to survive was mostly just to do whatever you could to stay on the Nazis good side, and do your best to handle the torture and hard work. Escaping to survive is another story. Like in the video, people would try to hide while they were on the outside of the fence working or would try to make a run for it. Although, rarely was this strategy successful. In the horror of the concentration camps a lot of your experience depended on luck and social status. The video shows us one successful escape made by two men. While they were working, they hid in a pile of wood (with the help of other prisoners) and covered themselves in gasoline soaked Russian tobacco to hide their sent from the search dogs. The men knew that the guards would only search from missing prisoners for three days. After those three days the men made their run for it.

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In the concentration camps, people were used as slaves. They did the jobs that the Nazis did not want to do themselves. Today, in 2015 people are still being worked to death and used as slaves all around the world. Although, they are not in concentration camps or being put into gas chambers, etc. These torturous acts are continuing. Now it is more commonly referred to as "Human trafficking". Strategies to escape these places have not changed, most people try to runaway but again, these strategies are rarely successful. As well as, the consequences have not changed either. If you are caught trying to escape you will be beaten badly or killed. The violent acts such as being beaten, worked to death, sexually abused, and murder still remain in modern day.

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