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finding the right information online at the right time can feel like trying to drink from a breaking dam...

Advanced Search: Beyond the Googles

Advanced Searching Tools

Review and test several search tools from a few of these provided lists (be prepared to share in the comment stream of this Tackk): Google Hacks, Google Search Tools, Google Image Reverse Search, Google Like a Boss, More Power Searching, Change Reading Level.  Finding information is great, but having information come to you can be even better. Stay Current with Google Alerts and set one up now.

Website History and Associations

Nothing is ever deleted, even when it is deleted.  The internet Wayback Machine lets you look at the many iterations of a given website. Wikipedia Articles have a higher level of transparency as they provide an Article History tool for every entry that allows you to revert to a earlier version or compare between versions. Review the history of one website and one Wikipedia Article.

Additional information can be found when you look at what links to a website.  For a Google Search include link: followed by the website you are reviewing.  Within a Wikipedia Article select "What links here" from the Tools menu on the left. What sites link to the Wayback Machine and what interesting Wikipedia Articles link to the topic you reviewed the history of?

Man Behind the Code Curtain

Anyone can make a website look professional and valid, and it can take some extra investigation to evaluate the authenticity and value of a website.  Use easywhois.com in your evaluation of one of the following websites: Martin Luther King Jr., Feline Reactions to Bearded Men, Dihydrogen Monoxide, or Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.

Other Sources

Explore one of the collections of primary sources like National Archives and DocsTeach, Library of Congress, and Wolfram Alpha.

Caution: Nerdy Internet Analytics found here and here.