Inheritance Journal part2

  • Identify the words and phrases that you highlighted in your reading related to inheritance. Rewrite them here. What do you notice about them? What do they all have in common?
  • Sutter came home and found that piano gone.He went to Boy Charles house and set it on fire.and stopped the train and found Boy Charles in the boxcar with four of them hobos,must have got mad when they couldn't  find the piano cause they set the boxcar afire and killed everybody.they all have the same problem,It mean that Sutter did set the fire on the train and in the house.
  • What do these words and phrases tell you about the importance of this piano to the family?
  • It's important to for the family because he trade his slaves for that piano that came from a fellow named Joel Nolander who was the Nolander brothers from down in Georgia and wanted to give this piano to his wife for her anniversary present.
  • What is the conflict in the family regarding the piano?
  • The conflict was that the piano was missing, the wife was seek and Were dying,and he lost his slaves.
  • In your opinion, should the family keep or sell the piano? Explain your answer.
  • I think they should keep the piano because it's the favorite gift of his wife.