Geometry All Around Us

Peyton Walters, Period 4

What is the relation between my poles? Are they right, perpendicular, oblique, paralell, or skew?

What is the relationship between 1 and 3? What is it for 2 and 4? How about 1 and 4?

Assume this man's skis are parallel. What is the relation between angle 1 and 2?

Assume that CB bisects ADE. What postulate proves ABC and EFD congruent?

Assume that this man's skis are straight and that his arm is infinitely skinny. What is the total of angle 1 and 2?

Are these triangles possible? If not, why not?

Are the top and bottom part of the rail paralell? If so, why?

Are lines AB and CD paralell based on these marks?

Based on these measurements, is the ground a straight line segment or sloped?


Based on the 95 degree measurement, what is the other angle?

If everything in this picture was on the same plane, would his skis would be _______.

1. Skew

2. Vertical, Vertical, Supplementary

3. Alternate Exterior

4. 180 degrees

5. No because 10+4>=15

6. Yes because of alternate interior angles

7. No. Vertical angles do not prove that they are parallel.

8. It is sloped. For it to be a segment, the angles would have to add up to 180 degrees.

9. 155 degrees

10. Oblique

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