High Speed Broadband at the Most Affordable Price

Maxis broadband provides great high-speed fibre broadband services in Malaysia. Maxis has teamed up with Astro to provide Astro IPTV solution and allow users to enjoy Astro channels at a stable viewing experience without the impact of bad weather. At Maxisbroadband.com.my, one can subscribe online, and find out installation details and latest promotion. Enjoy high speeds and supersized quotas. Maxis broadband is popular-by-demand with its “double-speed with same price” with Unifi; within months, Maxis Fibre Internet becomes the 1st choice of the home consumers for highspeed broadband internet. Fibre is becoming available to more and more people and communities each day.

At maxis broadband, we will provide you with the Fibre internet plan with an amazing speed. The fact is you do need the fastest broadband speed you can get your hand on. The faster the speed, the more you can do with it. With the mega speeds on tap, on the internet, installing, and video clip loading and on the internet purchasing can be done at the same time by more than a few people in the family. It is Malaysia's broadband champion and leading integrated information and communications group, offers a comprehensive range of communication services and solutions in broadband.

Maxis broadband always-on connection that gives you instant access to the critical information to your business need, when you need it. With its advanced satellite technology, maxis broadband by passes dial-up delays to deliver a secure, reliable broadband connection around the clock so you can make the most of your business day. Our super fast service lets your busy household all share the same connection on multiple devices, without slowing each other down. TV and movies come to life in HD quality, day or night. MP3 downloads and online gaming are lightning-fast and browsing, emailing, banking and shopping are all super quick.

Experience your favorite TV, movies and music in excellent quality, with better sound. Loading the very newest detergent high cliff hook, smash hit movie or finest record with less frustrating streaming is now a truth. Had an active week? Fiber allows you play capture up with your TV too. It's easy to go back in history and watch all the programs you've missed.

Zoom ahead of the competition and grab that winning trophy. With a connection giving you less delays and fast response times you've got the winning edge. Get in on the action when hot games are released, too. Fibre makes downloading new games and testing demos a piece of cake. Plus, you can join in with the latest on-demand gaming services for fast multi-player fun. With very quickly fiber the time it takes to deliver more of your images, e-mails with larger accessories, video clips or design isn't extremely slowly. So, you can publish your newest holiday images to Facebook or myspace in minutes, quickly create a YouTube video directly after a big event, or talk with loved ones on Skype efficiently with less disruption. For more information visit the site http://www.maxisbroadband.com.my/ .

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