Things Google can do

Kelsey larsen

This is a tackkboard to tell you about the things you never knew google could do.

Tip #1: Sports fans

You can tell google your favorite sports teams and it will send you news stories, and game updates straight to your phone. Yay!

Tip #2: Photos backed up on the device

Any photo taken on the device, is automatically saved into your G+ Account and can be saved, and pulled out at anytime.

Tip #3: Google Translate

Google can now be a translator for you. If you need to look up a word in Spanish, the app will dictate the translation for you.  

Tip #4: Google knows where you parked your car

Google causes your smart phone's accelerometer to calculate where you have been driving, then when your car is stopped can calculate your parking spot.

Tip #5: Available for all devices

Not only is google just available for android now, but also the IOS system using the google search app. However it is not as powerfeul.

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