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Kush, the greatest achievements of a gold and historical civilization.

1600-1100 B.C.E.

In this time, next to Egypt, Kush was the greatest ancient civilization in Africa. They had a neighbor to the north, Kush grew up around the fertile banks of the Nile river and they also were known for its rich gold mines. Another word for Kush is Nubia, that comes from nub, the Egyptian word for gold. They had a really important trading hub, that helped to get the things that they needed.

After the collapse of the New Kingdom, Egypt fell into political chaos. At least 10 Egyptians kingdoms fought each other for power. The constant fighting made Egypt weak and unstable. In the mid 700s B.C.E., Kush took advantage of Egypt's weakness. Kushite armies invaded Egypt. In about 730 B.C.E., the kings in northern Egypt surrendered to Kush' s King Piye.

A new dynasty followed the Kushite pharaohs in Egypt. About 590 B.C.E., Egypt invaded Kush and destroyed its capital city, Napata. The Kushites decided to make Meroe their new capital. Meroe was 300 miles south of Napata, safely out of Egypt's reach.

After three years of fierce fighting, Rome signed a peace treaty with Kush. Kush no longer had to pay tribute to Rome. Under Amanirenas, Kush had defeated the most powerful empire in the world. The kingdom of Kush suvived for nearly 400 more years. In 350 C.E., Kush fell to invaders from the African country of Ethiopia.

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