What Service Can Look Like

"Community service can make volunteering a lifelong habit," says Sandra Trapani in her article 5 Meaningful Community Service Ideas for Students. She recommends volunteering...

...at animal shelters

Central Missouri Humane Society in Columbia offers opportunities to walk dogs, socialize the animals by playing with them, running a donation drive, or fostering a pet until it finds a new home!

...with seniors

Boone County Council on Aging offers many ways to participate in their program. You can do everything from grocery shopping with a senior citizen to visiting them at their home. They also provide services like mowing yards or shoveling snow as a service as well!

FUN FACT #1: Mr. Spry, far right, is someone that Miss Frost has been visiting for years! He is a senior who has little family in the area and she enjoys having lunch with him every now and then.

...with children

Trapani states that helping children younger than you is always a great way to provide service to your community. She mentions being part of Special Olympics is a fun way to get your whole family involved!

FUN FACT #2: We know that several teachers and families in our school help at the Special Olympics each year. Mrs. Noe could probably even help you or your family get set up to volunteer next time. I am sure that she would share her experiences with you!

...by supporting our troops

There are many initiatives within communities to support our military soldiers. Some ways to support our troops would be by sending them care packages while they are overseas, becoming a pen-pal, or sending snack packs during holiday times.

FUN FACT #3: Over the last few years, the seventh grade has been connecting with our military by sending them a care package through Mrs. Purvis' class. This gives sixth graders something to look forward to!

...by helping the environment

The article ends with Trapani talking about the importance of serving our environment. There are several simple things that can we can do to make our planet a better place to live. A couple of suggestions are to plant trees or clean up trash along the roadways.

Now it's your turn!

As you can see, SBMS does a lot of good things. Now what can YOU do to be of better service in your community???