Poetry Collection Flipchart

Mrs. Dixon 2/25/14

CRYSTAL- adj. made of clear, brilliant glass

Sentence- I bought a necklace that had a red crystal on attached to it.

Crystal Necklace!

SINEWY- adj. tough and strong

Sentence- The German Shepherd was very tough and strong.

Strong German Shepherd!

BRAWNY- adj. strong and muscular

Sentence- The tall man was very strong and muscular.

Strong Man!

PARSON- n. minister

Sentence- The minister preyed with the rest of the church.


WROUGHT- adj. shaped by hammering

Sentence- The sword has been wrought by a blacksmith.

Metal Being Shaped!

HAUNCHES- n. upper legs and hips of an animal

Sentence- The small creature sat on it's haunches.

Small Creature!

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