Marianne Faithful interpretation is really accurate and the character of Ophelia is shown exactly as it is described by William Shakespeare in the tragedy. The actress can exhibit her ability in the moment when Ophelia loses her mind and meets the king, the queen and her brother Laertes, who has just come back from France.

The character is very fragile and she is a victim of his father thoughts, in fact he uses her as an arm to discover Hamlet's secrets and then he forbids her to see him again. She is also manipulated by Hamlet, his boyfriend, and Laertes, his brother. When her love Hamlet murdered his father, who is her reference point, she loses her mind and kills herself.


Gertrude is an ambiguous character; in fact in the play isn't clear if she committed adultery, if she knew of king Hamlet's murder or if she is just a simple person. In the closet scene she can't see the ghost, who appears to Hamlet, perhaps because she is a sinner, an adulterer and the spectre doesn't want to show himself to her. Furthermore, between Hamlet and his mother, there is a strange relationship, which Freud identified with the complex of Oedipus. For this reason Hamlet's attitudes can be seen as reaction of jelousy.