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Ms Berrisford
Adam Rand

                                             Social issue

The social issues in the book Exodus is the affect on the environment on the island and that makes it a big problem for the people that are on the island.

On the island Mara is worried that the island that they live will get swept away and that all the people that were on the island would be lost for ever.

Mara is trying to convince her parents to build a raft and get off the island but the parents do not want to see their son and daughter die if they cannot find another island to live.

One of the quotes that is in the book Exodus that will explain that Mara’s parents do not want to leave island. (48) ‘“Dad, please. Just have a look at what I’ve found.’” Mara wants to show her father that there is more than people around the world that their family can be safe.

Another quote that will explain that Mara dad is telling her later or another day ‘“well, well show me tonight,’ he says ‘Right now I’ve got to the milking to finish, then I’ll have to try and fix up the roof and the barn and that’s just for starters. Don’t go far and make sure you get back in the house as soon as the storm starts up again (49)’”

If that happen to me on an island and that my parents don’t believe me what will happen if they stayed on the island when there is a storm I would just make a raft and I try to search for the giant miracles cities on my own or try help the people that are on the island try to convince them that there is a safe place that they can live. I’ve learned that people in the book Exodus deals with the storm that is happening on the island not so well because they think that they are safe on the island in the middle of the ocean.

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