The Earth's Atmosphere

These are the layers of the earth's atmosphere now I'm going to give a little info bout them.

This is a picture of a troposphere the lowest portion of earths atmosphere.It contains approximately 80% of the atmospheres mass and 99% of its water vapor and aerosols it is deeper in the tropics up to 20km and 12(mi)and shallower near the polar regions.

This is the stratosphere it is the second major layer  on the atmosphere just above the troposphere and below the mesosphere it is stratified in temperature with warm layers higher up and cooler layers down bottom.It start at aditudes as high as 18(km) 59,000 ft 11 mi.

This is the mesosphere it is the layer of the earth that is above the stratopause and directly mesopause.I the mesosphere temperature decreases with increasing height. The upper boundary of the mesosphere is the mesopause which can be the coldest place naturally occurring  place on earth with temperatures below 130k (-226.f 143.c).Its height is about 50k (160,000ft 31mi)

This is a thermosphere temperatures are highly dependent on solar activity and can rise to 2,000F(3,630C) radiation causes the atmosphere particles in this layer to become electrically charged energetic solar radiation.

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