I had woken up from a long nap I wasn't on my bed or in my house. It was very a bright day. I had no clue where I was at, I asked a lady that was outside the room where I was sleeping in where I was at. She said we were in Chicago and the date was 1920. I didn't believe her. How could this have happened, I had traveled back in time and no clue how to go back to 2015. I was wearing a long tuxedo when searching the pockets in the tuxedo there was a gun in one of the secret pockets. An old Cadillac drove up beside me and told me to get in. I refused to get inside the car they got out of the car and pointed a Tommy gun at me and asked me again to get in the car. They took me to an underground tunnel that was used to get away from the cops. There was a fat man standing there with a tuxedo he had a cigar in his mouth and many gangsters standing behind him. He asked me what my name was and I returned the question. He said his name was AI Capone and he was in a gang. He said he wanted me to join his gang. And become a gangster. Al Capone said "Join my gang or I will kill” I had to join his gang. We drove to his bar, The way he would drive around with his gang, was insane there was people hang from the sides of the cars with Tommy guns. In fact everyone had a Tommy gun. Many men at the bar where dressed with tuxedos. They were all scary looking and all looked mean. Most them had a cigar on their mouth.

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