Raz-Kids and the RTI Data

Raz-Kids makes reading easier and more fun for students. The site provides hundreds of books to engage students with animation and sound effects as they listen to fluent reading, record their own reading for practice, and take quizzes on what they read. Teachers can assess particular reading skills with online assessments. Students earn stars for reading and quiz activity to spend equipping their own Raz Rocket. They also have access to collections of poetry books, song books, and nursery rhymes. Spanish Ebooks are also available.  

The data gathered in the process is perfect to show student growth, accomplishments and deficiencies.  It is easy to connect this data to your RTI process.  Raz-Kids can be a valuable tool in your Reading Classroom.    

How to begin

Before you begin you need to complete your roster.  This video will help walk you through the process.  

Assigning Benchmarks

After your students are entered, use your reading data from Star or classroom observations to assign a Benchmark to start with.  This leveling chart is a good reference for this process.  After you complete an assessment this level can be reassigned and adjusted as the student grows as a reader.  

To ensure the benchmark is an appropriate starting point for your student, assign a benchmark text assignment to get a baseline for the data.  This is a three-part process:  

1.  Students record themselves reading aloud Benchmark Passages or Benchmark Books and send recordings to your In Basket. You score their reading behavior on online running records.

2. Students record a retelling of the text and send it to your In Basket, and you use online rubrics for fiction or nonfiction texts to score their comprehension.

3. Students take a Comprehension Quick Check Quiz, and our software scores it. Skill Reports help you identify comprehension skills for additional practice.

The video below will guide you through the assignment process.

Reading Records

My favorite part about Raz-Kids is the reading record.  You will no longer have to sit one on one with a student to complete a running record.  The student will record their reading in the program and send it to you to review at your convenience.  The scored record can be printed or shared after you score it.  You will also have an MP4 file of the reading to download and file for reference in referrals or parent-teacher conferences.  

After your student has completed a benchmark assignment you can access that in your inbox.  The review is a three-step process--Read, Retell and Quiz The videos below will walk you through the process for each.  

Student Skill Reports

Using the skill reports, teachers can assess student mastery of reading skills at their individual reading levels or current grade level.  The skills are based on Common Core Standards.  To see the overview of the Skills Reports watch the video below.  

More Resources

  Hopefully this overview will be able to get you started with using Raz-kids for more than just filling time and reading books.  To find more resources please visit the teacher training page.