Because of Winn-Dixie

I think this book is perfect everybody.
This photo is Winn Dixie.
This is Opal.
This is the setting.


About the book

I did not read the rest of the book but this is all i got.

In this book " Because of Winn Dixie". For what i got far Opal and Winn Dixie met more and more friends by the days go by. In one one the texts says that if she didn't meet Winn Dixie this wouldn't happen. In one of her adventure she meets two Dunlap boys, librarian, a little girl, and a nice elderly women. The two bald Dunlap boy always said that the elderly women was a witch because they never seen her face so they called her names.There was a part in the book that Winn Dixie ran into the elderly women's yard and the two Dunlap boys said that the elderly women ate dogs.Opal was afraid at first then Opal went in the elderly women's yard and said it was beautiful.And I think why she was  scared was because that there were two giant trees in the front of her yard but once she walked in she had second thoughts. That's all i know from what i read in the book.

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