Education-  In Colombia all students that attended school has to wear a uniform. This is so that all children have the same clothes. These helps so you could not identify if they come from a rich or poor family. Textbooks are not issued by the school.  Students have to buy there own books. At the same time the the school has a  particular book that could be used for 3 years. The problem is that only people with a good  income are able to move their children to the university for further study.

Food- In some areas of Colombia cook ants and guinea pigs are there favorite food to eat.  While in others areas people like to eat seafood, tamales, fritanga (grilled meat ). There most popular plates are Quesillos ( cream cheese wrapped with banana leaves) and Puchero ( soup with green bananas pork and chicken meat). And for dessert arroz con coco and Mazamorra de maiz. Colombia is not a very good place for vegetarians because of the Colombian diet consists of a lot of meat.

Sports - Soccer and cycling are the most popular sports in Colombia. The Colombia national Soccer team participated in  Fifa world cup in 1962.  The best presentation was in 2014 when the team reach the quarter finals and James Rodriguez became the top scorer of the tournament. Colombia was the champion of the 2001 Copa America which set a new record of being undefeated.

Relegion- More than  Ninety-five percent of the people consider themselves members of the Roman Catholic Church. Attach great importance to Catholic sacraments. More than 85 percent of Catholics In Colombia   attend mass every Sunday. Their Catholicism is different from that of the urban upper and middle classes.  People pray to a patron saint, who is considered to be more  reachable than God.  Many  villages have a patron saint who is honored each year with a fiesta. ,

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